tewatt single stage electric air compressor banner

High efficiency famous motors, low consumption, low maintenance cost and low noise.

Tewatt single stage electric portable compressor always keeps low consumption, high efficiency, easy maintenance, easy operation, and long service life.

Always meet the operation requirements in extreme high & low temperature, heavy dust, high altitude environment.

Widely used in tunneling project, sand blasting, infrastructure construction, and other drilling fields which have electricity supply.

Tewatt airend

Original USA Tewatt Airend

Tewatt US original single stage airend, big rotors, low speed, superior liner, enhanced working performance. High efficiency, long service life, equipped with SKF top class bearing. Improved housing structure, higher reliability. Oil path is integrated in the housing, eliminating oil leakage. Feed with Tewatt original screw oil, low noise and long term stability. Advanced structure design for easier maintenance.

Famous electric motor

Famous Electric Motor

Three-phase asynchronous Marathon motor, ICE standard, worldwide warranty. High efficiency, protection class IP54, Insulation class F. Unique finite element analysis ensures high performance both in mechanical and electrical. High standard bearing configuration and high quality raw material ensure the reliability of the motor.

electronic control system

Simple & Reliable Electronic Control System

Use the highest standard Schneider contactor. Electric system is moistureproof, dustproof, low temperature resistant, safe and stable. Operate easily, running condition can be seen clearly.

airend protection system

Airend Protection System

All pressure switches, solenoid valves & temperature sensors are using the highest standard All DANFOSS brand.

air filtration system

Safe & High Efficient Air Filtration System

Three-stage filtration system, whirlwind filtering, primary filtering, and precision filtering, meet the requirements of all kinds of severe environment. Imported air filter, longer service life, larger filtration area, lower suction resistance and larger dust hold capacity.

Advanced & Energy Saving Air Inlet System .

Advanced & Energy Saving Air Inlet System .

Combined intake air adjusting, non-return and oil stop function together. Long service life, high reliability. Stable and reliable proportional adjusting system, more energy saving.