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TWT1250-24CM Drill Module

Product Description


On board air-cooled compressor oil cooler, fan shaft driven (CM) or optional hydraulic drive (CMH)

Pusher fan with straight through cooling flow keeps package interior temperature near ambient

Heavy-gauge sheet metal housing

Heavy-duty frame with integral fork lift tubes

Dual two-stage air cleaners with safety elements

Removable roof panel (CMH only) and side- or rear-access panels

Mounting provisions on sides and bottom of frame

Includes pressure regulation, separator scavenge and automatic blow down systems, 165 PSIG min. pressure valve

Air filters protected inside the package from rain and damage

Roof-mounted automatic shutters protect oil cooler from environment and debris (CM only)

Integral lifting hard points at top corners of housing

Air Delivery ( m³/min)35.4
Rated Working   Pressure (bar)24
Screw Oil Volume (L)110
Compressor Stage 2
Maximum Output   Power (kW)410

 Note: Specifiations are subject to change without further notice. 

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