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1200CFM/35BAR Tier 4 Final High Pressure Mobile Screw Air Compressor

Product Description

TEWATT 1200/ 1364CFM & 35/25BAR Mobile diesel air compressors are equipped with high efficiency TEWATT two stage air-end, powered by Sweden SCANIA heavy duty industrial engine , low fuel consumption with global warranty. Tewatt mobile diesel air compressors always meet the operation requirements in extremely high & low temperature, heavy dust, high altitude environment. Suitable for water well drilling, geothermal air drilling,oil & gas exploration,  mining & DTH drilling etc .


Tewatt Screw Air-end Super rotor, low speed (5 years/10000 hours warranty)

SCANIA Engine EU stage V emission standard, Global Warranty Service.

Tewatt Intelligent Controller with CVT system and Optional GPRS remote control & monitoring

Safe and Reliable Air Filter & Intake System.


Technical Specifications:

Compressor StageTwo
Free Air Delivery (CFM/   M3/min)1200/34
Working Pressure (psig/bar)507.5/35
Screw Oil Volume-(L)160
Diesel Engine
Engine ModelSCANIA DC16-314A
Rated Power (HP/KW)650/478
Rated Speed/Idle (rpm)1800(2050)/1350
Emission ClassTIER 4 Final
Battery Voltage (V)24V
Fuel Tank Capacity (L)900 L
Connector Size*Qty3/4”x1, 2”x1
Wheel Size*Qty20x12-16x4
Weight (Kgs)8000Kg
Dimension (mm)5350*2200*2630mm
Noise {dB(A)}80±5
Working Temp.(℃)-10℃~50℃(special conditions can be customized)

 Note: Specifiations are subject to change without further notice. 

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