medium high pressure portable air compressors

1. Small size, flexible mobility, easy operation, low maintenance cost and high cost performance.

2. Suitable for mining, sand blasting, hydroelectric construction, infrastructures & DTH drilling applications.

3. Always meet the operation requirements in extreme high & low temperature, heavy dust, high altitude environment.

4. Equipped with high efficiency TEWATT single stage airend. Unique design combined with the most traditional and latest technology.

Tewatt airend


TEWATT US original airend. For hundred of years, TEWATT screw airend has been regarded as the world’s most innovative, most reliable screw compressor, representing outstanding and leading technology. American craft to ensure the perfect meshing of rotors. TEWATT products are produced under high precision control, and can run 24 hours per day in the most severe conditions.

Tewatt intelligent control system

Control System

Imported original display control panel, with protection, display, start and stop function. Protecting low fuel level, high water temperature, low oil pressure etc. Meanwhile, the operated time, fuel level, water temperature, oil pressure data can be shown in the display. Separately airend high temperature protection and temperature display.

Cummins Diesel Engine

Cummins Diesel Engine

Cummins engine is well known by the high cost performance. Low purchase and maintenance cost. Advanced design and superior manufacture, ensure Cummins engine able to work in extreme conditions with high strength and heavy load. With high pressure fuel pump, lowered consumption and noise.

Volvo industrial engine

VOLVO Industrial Engine

Volvo engine provides bigger power margin, stable performance, lower fuel consumption, and environmental. For years, Volvo engine has been widely loved by global users. Through careful management of the combustion process, involving precise control of air movement and injection spray patterns, Volvo Penta has been able to achieve higher levels of fuel efficiency than ever before. This has resulted in improved economy with fuel cost savings and reduced exhaust emission levels that comply with present requirements and which will enable the engines to meet future legislation.

Tewatt fuel system

Fuel System

Four-stage fuel filtration system, specially designed for Chinese users. Avoid damage from poor burning material to the electric inject engine, and ensure the best performance from the engine.