high pressure diesel air compressors

1. Tewatt high pressure diesel air compressors is equipped with high efficiency TEWATT two stage airend. Unique design combined with the most traditional and latest technology.

2. Equipped with original imported heavy duty VOLVO engine, with strong power, long term stability, low consumption. Volvo provides global warranty for 3000 hours or 2 years, whatever occurs first.

3. Suitable for water well drilling, geothermal air drilling, rocky foundation construction, oil & gas exploration, pipeline pressure testing, mining & DTH drilling .

4. Always meet the operation requirements in extremely high & low temperature, heavy dust, high altitude environment.

Tewatt control system

Tewatt “Intelligent” Control System

Build-in Intel micro processing unit, which can indicate many kinds of control and alarming information. Enable to see the working condition inner compressor clearly. The control system combined the engine, compressor and fuel control together, self-checking and reporting fault automatically. Perfectly adjust the engine’s speed and air inlet according to the real working condition and output demand, achieving the lowest fuel consumption and best discharge pressure. Indicating panel displays 11 parameters and records more than 20 EMC parameters, we well as super memory function. This system reduces the time of troubleshooting and avoids misjudgment.

Volvo from Sweden

VOLVO Industrial Engine

Volvo engine provides bigger power margin, stable performance, lower fuel consumption, and environmental. Because of their stable performance, strong power, environmental and hommization design, Volvo engine has been widely loved by global users. Through careful management of the combustion process, involving precise control of air movement and injection spray patterns, Volvo Penta has been able to achieve higher levels of fuel efficiency than ever before. This has resulted in improved economy with fuel cost savings and reduced exhaust emission levels that comply with present requirements and which will enable the engines to meet future legislation.

USA Original tewatt airend

Tewatt Airend

Original Tewatt airend from USA, two stages, with latest rotor designing and reliable bearing. Integrated compression housing design, longer service life and stability. Input shaft adopt low pressure sealing structure, smaller gear size, optimized boosting performance to ensure longer life to the screw oil. High flow design reduces fuel consumption, and provides max. 50HP power margin according to the working condition and power demand. Build-in oil pump, ensuring the bearing get enough lubrication when starting.

tewatt filtration

Fuel System

Four-stage fuel filtration system, specially designed for harsh fuel. Avoid damage from poor burning material to the electric inject engine, and ensure the best performance from the engine.