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Generator Rental for Industries

Urban construction generator rental
In Urban construction generators is mainly used for new construction and expansion project such as metro station, office building, highrise, houses, hotel, restaurant,mall, post office, shool etc. Due to the large residential population density in construction site, great attentions must be paid to noise and inviormental protection of construction equipments. Silent gensets and ultra silent type gensets supplied by our company could just solve customers’ anxiety. (Units of this type: 1.Both appearance and overall feeling are quite beautiful, silencing effect within 65 decibels; 2.Our sets adopt full enclosed design without any oil leakage to the construction site to meet evironmental effect; 3. Our company is using imported diesel genset as power source, save almost 1/3 fuel than domestic.

Emergency Standby Power Generator Rental for hospitals, banks, telecommunications industry, railway stations, television broadcasting building etc.
Simillar to using requirements of building constructions, due to the special nature of this client, when the electricity suddely stopped, standby power must generat electricity within several minutes normally. To this kind of customers, our response solutions is : Install a set of ATS functional systems ( such system is able to instantly start generating when occuring a sudden stop of electricity to keep the customer’s normal consumption within a few minutes.) and equip appropriate units according to customers’ request.

Oilfield Industry Power Generation Machine Rental
From oil exploration to natural gas processing and oil production facilities construction, operation and maintenance, Teweite rental division has a complete power solutions. Generator is typically used for power consumption, power engineering and drilling etc, generally is common units. They are highly demanded on durability and failure rate. Gensets provided by us are brand new or almost new ones with functions such as rainproof, dust and moisture resistant, could be used as main power in bad invironments such as offshore operations, land operations, high altitude, desert etc.

Coal, iron ore and other mineral industries generator rental
Generators are typically used in mining for power consumption,engineering, electricity and mineral mining etc. Usually used as a common unit, highly demanded on durability and failure rate, because a failure will affect the operations of the mines and causes considerable economic loss. Moreover most of customers’ electrical equipments are high-power, the instant start current is as much as 3 times of normal running. It could equal to normal current after running normally. Teweite rental division mine power solutions: Combine two small power generator, when customer’s equipment run normally, stop one generator, the other one will generte electricity. The benefits are: 1. can save 1/2 fuel compared to using a large power equipment. 2. We can overhaul without affecting customer to use electricity and ensure genertor running normally, failure rate is significantly reduced in this case.

Power Barge(Plant) Rental
For particular user, Teweite rental division offers constructions and rental of different capacity specifications and powers self-power stations according to various requirements, which can greatly impove the economic efficiency of the customer, save investment costs, better Maximize investment intreste of customer’s liquidity cash.

Generator Rental for railways, highways, bridges, tunnels and other construction
Electricity is mainly used for piling, air compressors, pumps, mixing stations etc. in railways, highways, bridges, tunnels and other projects construction. This demands sctrictly on gensets. If power off exceed a certain time during watering or mixing concrete,the concrete can not be used, which would result in heavier loss of customers. Teweite rental division supply imported generator like Cummins, Volvo, Daihatsu, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar etc. they have stable performance, low failure rate, fuel efficient, can generate power all 24 hours according to customer’s request. It is equipped with professional operators with the power generation unit to provide comprehensive, professional after-rental services to save cost for the user and to allow customers to use our generators with the rear secure!

Shipyard Generator Rental
Due to the periodicit of shipbuilding, lay-up by shipyard, electricity consumption amount per vessel is diferent. Generator is mainly used for lighting, electric air compressor, electric welding, sandblasting spray electricity, water pumps electricity etc. Working invironment is dust fully, damp and large current fluctuations, which have stringenty requirements on voltage and current impact resistance, Teweite rental division professinal supplies Cummins, Volvo, Dahatisu, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar etc. imported generator sets with stable performance, which are moisture resistant, dust and mobile functinality, low failure rate, fuel-efficien.

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