Air compressor rental

Air compressors / Generators Rental

After more than 10 years’ development, TEWATT leasing divisions now have more than 800 sets of air compressors and generators in total with branches and leasing warehouse in major cities all over the country; and have many partners and broader projects applications in wide industries, such as China Railway Group, China Tunnels Group etc. in railway construction industry;CCCC First Harbor Engineering Company Ltd., CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Company Ltd., CCCC Third Harbor Engineering Company Ltd., FHEC etc. in road industry; Shpyard like South Korean’s STX in Dalian, Guangzhou Shipyard International, Huangpu dockyard etc.; China Construction Group of all kinds of construcrtion companies for inhousing construction and plant construction; involved industries include nuclear power construction, hydropower construction and national security project and so on.We year-round do rental business such as brand new screw air compressor rental,generator rental, mining generator rental, silent generator rental, portable generator rental, diesel portable air compressor rental, electric portable air compressor rental.

More than 100 people’s professional technical service team is the guarantee for uninterrupted supply of rental generator. With branches and leasing warehouse in major cities all over the country, it’s easy to deploy the nearest professional service engineers and spare parts, we are 24 hours on duty to meet the users’ emergency events. Low failture rate, fuel saving and nothing to worry about are guaranteed if you select us.

Our rental units have following advantages:

1. No Financial pressure, we collect rent monthly, maximize your flow cash.
2. A phone-based solutions: You only need a call, we will prepare any equipment at any time for you.(Our company has set warehouse and leasing office at the nation wide, easy for transfering machine) ;
3. Quality Service: top equipment, quick response and professional leasing team make your backing, each rentaled unit is equipped with a professional operator, giving you maximum convenience and peace of mind;
4. Cost is fixed and available to control: no maintenance, no depreciation, no risk, and rental costs could be treated as a company tax deduction. If your lease period is longer, we will repair the unit every three months to make your project process with the rear secure.
5. Flexible and convenient: what equipment to lack, what equipment to rental, no need to worry about high running charge of self-bought equipment nor for the equipment idle or equipment shortage. Focusing on your career while entrusting the maintenance, parts, operator management to us, you could better focus on your career development.

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