10 08, 2017


PRIME TEWATT” is a joint collaboration formed between one of group companies PHEL (Prime Hitech Engineering Ltd.) and Tewatt compressors for complete range of portable air compressors for water well, mining & construction sectors. Our vision is to be

31 03, 2016

Oil-gas Separator Replacing Steps for diesel screw air compressor

Six steps for oil-gas separator replacing in diesel screw air compressor

For 60 kw to 400 kw diesel portable screw air compressor :

  1. After stopping, close the air outlet and open the drain valve to confirm there is no pressure in
20 01, 2016

Difference Between Screw Compressor and Piston Compressor

Reciprocating compressors – arguably the most common type of compressors. Used mainly for domestic applications, small workshops, small and medium-sized industrial, automotive refinish and other services, where the consumption of compressed air is usually less than 520 U.S. gpm.