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Water Well Drilling Industry

At present, wells are mainly divided into drinking water wells (residential water, rural tap water) and irrigation wells (agricultural irrigation, landscaping, etc.) and industrial water wells (water for company and projects, etc.).


1. Main features of drinking water wells: caliber: 150mm~254mm, depth: 100m~300m. TEWATT Recommended air compressor pressure range 20 bar~30 bar, air flow range 20m3/min (700CFM)~35 m3/min (1250CFM). Some rural tap water project wells need to drill about 500 meters, the pressure range need is 30 bar, the air flow is more than 60 m3/min (2113CFM), then TEWATT recommends 2 units air compressor to be combined.

2. Main features of irrigation water wells and industrial water wells: caliber: 200mm~300mm, depth: 300m~600m, the distribution of such wells is relatively scattered, recommended air compressor pressure range of 24 bar~35 bar, air flow range of more than 30m3/min, more than four hundred meters can be used in parallel form. 

During periods of low rain fall, water tanks may not meet your water requirements. These days, tap water is becoming an expensive way to irrigate farms, and buying lots of water is even more expensive. Water your farm and drinking with groundwater from your own well, it provides safe and sustainable green life for all year round.

For water well drilling, our air compressors also export to Africa, Europe, East Asia and so on areas where there is lack of water supply. We are proud that our high pressure air compressors has gained a place in the water well drilling industry.

Tewatt high pressure air compressor will be your reliable partner for borehole drilling!

Water Well Drilling Industry

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