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Construction Industry

Tewatt mobile air compressors (diesel engine driven and electric motor powered) with air flow range 375cfm-1300cfm are easy to use, easy to operate, and easy to carry, so they are often used in the construction industry such as spray-blasting, slope support, anchor bolts, pipe sheds, pile foundations (road repairs, railroad tracks, bridge building, high building & basements building), etc.

1. Application characteristics of slope support, anchor cable, pipe shed etc. Caliber: 100mm~180mm, depth: 15m~50m, recommended air compressor pressure range, 14bar~21bar, air flow range 14m3/min~21m3/min.

2, the application characteristics of the pile foundation industry: caliber 600mm~~1200mm, depth 20m~~50m, recommended air compressor pressure range 20bar~25bar, air flow more than 30m3/min. The larger the diameter, the larger the air flow, which can be realized by multiple parallels. Because some projects have power supply, considering the cost reduction, TEWATT high pressure electric compressor such as TWT1070E-24T and TWT900E-21T can also meet multiple requirements in parallel. 

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Construction Industry

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