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Product requirements and characteristics:

1. Well, geothermal industry generally use diesel portable air compressor, which demands large displacement, high pressure, moving frequently.
2. Working conditions: most working locations are in the cold weather, higher altitude, and bad environment place.
3. Air compressor displacement is generally from 21m3/min to 35m3/min, displacement from 18kg/cm2 to 35kg/cm2, drilling hole diameter between 100mm and 400mm.



1. For well, geothermal exploitation industry, our company has developed a targeted high pressure air compressor of 25kg/cm2 displacement or 31.5m3/min displacement, with using drilling equipment, we can easily break through 300mm diameter x 200 meters depth granite geological structure. If use two air compressors of 25kg/cm2, 30m3/min combined with a 100kg/cm2 booster, we can break through 2,800 meters geothermal projects, which is the first record by our company and partners.
2. Due to frequent mobility characteristics of air compressor required by wells, geothermal project, We specially designed trailer type high-pressure air compressors, which are easy to move at any time, no need other power-driven, lifting or transportation. It can save a lot of lifting or transportation time and costs for the user. It  is very convenient for operation in the distance range of 100 km.
3. We are developing high-pressure two-stage screw compressor of large displacement

such as 30kg/cm2, 35kg/cm2 to meet the users’ higher requirements in pressure.

water well drilling

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