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Product requirements and characteristics:

1. The oil industry generally use the air compressor for oil exploration, drilling, drive drilling equipment, pipeline cleaning, cementing, drill bits etc. Working environment is generally in the hot desert, this requires the equipments to be of good heat dissipation and dust proof ability. Offshore oil exploration and drilling demand the equipments of strong moisture & corrosion resistant, stable performance, no leakages.
2. Oil exploration, drilling industry need high pressure air compressor with large displacement.Some projects use multiple units in parallel .


1. For oil exploration, drilling industry, our air compressor sets could meet the stringent requirements of all-weather temperature conditions, for example, -40 ℃ to +50 ℃ extreme temperatures from dry desert to the humid sea.
2. Through advanced control of performance and extensive connectivity, Tewatt makes their air compressor can be parallel connected and worked with all other brands smoothly. Which largely improved the equipment operating efficiency and lowered the energy cost.

oil&gas field drilling

oil&gas field drilling

oil&gas field drilling

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