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Compressed Air Solution Provider in China:


Portable air compressor is usually used for coal mining, compressed air solutions for driving drilling machine for making hole, rock drilling, bore a hole, quarry blasting etc. Tewatt portable air compressors equiped with original imported VOLVO industrial engine, provide strong power. Enviorment around mine is very bad, Tewatt portable air compressor has stable performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance, can meet the requirements on hihg temperature, high cold, high dust, high altitude application.


TEWATT portable air compressor is mainly used for ship production and maintenance aspect at shipbuilding. During maintenance(like sand blasting, stain removing, anticorrosive construction etc.) they could help promote shipbuilding construction efficiency. Our air compressors enjoy stable performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance and have the functions of moistureproof, dustfree, mobility,with the advantages of low failure rate, fuel-effient etc. They could meet all requirements for shipbuiding.

Oil Drilling and petroleum extraction

TEWATT portable air compressors are mainly used for sweeping oil pipeline, natural gas pipeline, communication cable, pipeline pressure test, pushball, dry, leak hunting in oil exploration and pipeline and containers sweeping, pressure test, leak hunting, production air emergency supply in petrochemical and chemical plants and so on. Also they could provide air power for oil drilling well platform. TEWATT portable air compressors enjoy stable performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance, could meet high temperature, hig cold, high dust, high altitude such atrotious enviorments, help promote oil drilling and mining efficiency, save investment cost, better realize customer profit maximized.


TEWATT portable air compressos are mainly used for city construction, quarry blasting, repairing the roads, repairing the hydropower station, welling to find water etc in projects.They could also provide concrete carrier power. TEWATT portable air compressors adopt high efficiency two stage screw compressors by American TEWATT, appear with stable performance, strong reliability, low failure rate, which could make our customers have no worries about the rear to use our air compressors.

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