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Product requirements and characteristics:

1. Air compressor is mainly used for sand-blasting and pipe pressure test in Ship repair industry;
2. Working conditions: general operations at the seaside, high humidity, strong corrosive, heavy dust, and demand of flexible mobility;
3. Diesel portable air compressor is generally used with pressure from 8kg/cm2-12kg/cm2, displacement between 21m3/min-30m3/min;
4. With fuel price rising all the time, many shipyard use electric air compressor instead, but they need to well plan the arrangement of the power cables;
5. With extremely low temperatures in Winter in shipyard from North China, cold start of diesel engine is required, With high temperatures in Summer from Southern shipyard, high thermal performance is requirements to the air compressors;
6. Shipyard has high requirements on the air compressor’s safety and environmental performance, too.


1. Screw compressor use the U.S. TEWATT efficient screw airend, which is characterized by large rotor, low speed, high efficiency, strong reliability, long life and low maintenance cost advantages;
2. VOLVO heavy-duty industrial engine, imported from Sweden, is characterized by good cold-start performance, fuel-efficient, durable, high efficiency cyclone air filter system, four stages precise fuel filtration system, ultra-low temperature start preheating device, etc.;
3. All the tubes and metal parts used are stainless steel or galvanized antiseptic treated, more durable;
4. According to the shipyards’ demand of electric portable air compressor, we have a complete and reliable planning, save you more energy as well as reduce the emission.
5. All oil tubes and air tubes are of 60 °C sealing thread, effectively prevent the oil and air drop, leakage and other unruly conditions.

Ship Refurbish – Sand blasting and painting in Shenzhen shipyard

           Ship Refurbish – Sand blasting and painting in Shenzhen shipyard