Tewatt air compressors Professional precise efficient system

Air compressor manufacturer market is at an important stage of development in worldwide market and  is facing fierce market competition at the same time, we believe that future competition of air compressor market will not just stay in what kinds of products the manufacture could provide but how much additional service to products they could supply.

We know that quality after-sales service is an important way to improve product awareness and market share. We also deeply understand the needs of customers at home and abroad, a professional technical team by us from products after-sales aspects like quality assurance, maintenance, spare parts supply , technical advice and guidance etc. has been set up to provide key power entire guarantee for customers.

 TEWATT strong rental team is growing, has established four technical service centers in China centering on Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan and Shenzhen, to provide timely, reliable, accurate and efficient after service support for both domestic and foreign customers of TEWATT.

Tewatt air compressors spare parts

Filter including air filters, oil filters, fuel filters could provide excellent protection for your machine, reduce owning and operating costs for customers and air compressor manufacturer. Keep the system clean is an important measurement to reduce the cost of owning and operating. TEWATT filter designed for machines and parts system can ensure maximum cleanliness and performance. This kind of protection can reduce wear and maximize component life.

Lubricating Oil
Oil Lubricants can reduce parts wear & tear, protect parts from corrosion. TEWATT specified lubricant designed specifically for TEWATT machines to significantly reduce the abrasions like scratcdhes & nicks, and to help prevent occlusion. TEWATT lubricant also has cleaning, lubrication, cooling and other performances.

Standard replacement cycle for antifreeze is extended, has best protetion during this period, anfifreeze coolant reduce maintenance costs, anfifreeze coolant preparation reasonably, is able to provide excellent protection against boiling and freezing. TEWATT antifreeze coolant working hours is longer than any other coolant, can effectively protect components. Units using coolant couldn’t use water coolant instead of antifreeze coolant, otherwise it will damage the rubber seals. The use of genuine original factory accessories directly affects the normanl operation life of equipment and customer’s quality evaluation to TEWATT products, TEWATT friendly remind you, if you want to buy the original factory accessories, please directly contact us to inquiry about regular commercial network, we will protect your equipment running normally by a low price and high quality services.