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Your Reliable Compressed Air Solution Partner in China.

Tewatt is specialized in screw air compressor manufacturing with R&D in China, we produce diesel air compressor as well as electrical air compressors. Tewatt provide not only the products, but also air solutions with our service and technical support. Find out more information from our website, or contact us via our contact us page.

Parts & Service

We provide our service to you, including technical consult, info presentation and inspection, ect. Hope we can be your partner here in China.

About Tewatt

Hubei Teweite Power Technology Co., Ltd.is a professional Sino-US joint venture focusing on portable air compressor, diesel generator, gas turbine with R&D, production, sales, rental and after-sales service integration.


Tewatt Compressor Products mainly include: High pressure diesel portable air compressor, Medium-high pressure diesel air compressor, two stage electric air compressor, one stage electric air compressor,air supply room…